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You’re here because you have a vision for what’s possible. That there’s something out there that’s effective AND inspirational. That’s transformational AND checks all the traditional boxes.
That impacts people who are hard-wired AND heart-wired.

Welcome to our world, where effectiveness AND experience are part of the same conversation.

Whether it’s planning an offsite, training your employees or growing your business, it all comes down to the same thing: you need to achieve your results. We want to help you amplify them, so that all of your planning, progress and development has an enduring impact beyond one day … one project … one program.

How do you drive that kind of impact? We know the way.

Show Me The Way

We are a consultancy of strategists and scientists; rock stars and business trainers. And our proven methodology blends the insights of behavioral science with the wisdom of Rock and Roll in a way that brings measurable, lasting, effective change to your people, your culture, your business.

Who We've Worked With

We are grateful to partner with some of the coolest organizations on the planet.

NASA Langley Research Center

“I haven’t stopped talking about my experience that day in the Banding People Together Workshop. I’ve worked at NASA for 36 years, and I can truly say that I enjoyed that workshop more than any other!  And I’ve attended plenty!  More importantly, it made more of an impact on me than I could’ve imagined.  Since the workshop, I’ve taken a look at my work habits–the good and some maybe not as good; and I’m happy to say that I’ve embraced my Gaga and my Bruce (the good habits) and I’m making efforts to improve on the “maybe not as good” habits.”

Angela M. Davis, Administrative Management Specialist, NASA Langley Research Center


“Using BPT’s collaboration assessment produced immediate benefits for our team. The ability of the instrument to evaluate collaboration on both an individual and team level is unparalleled. This experience was by far the most high impact session our team has ever had.”

Bob Eichenberg, Market Human Resources Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers

FOCUS Brands, Inc.

“We engaged Banding People Together to help us set the tone for the upcoming year after going through a reorganization.  They did an amazing job getting us all “playing from the same sheet of music” by helping us drive the right conversations around how to work together to leverage our brands to maximize growth opportunities.  The music element opened up our people in a profoundly unique way and the learning exceeded our expectations.  We will never look at collaboration the same way again.”

Bob Swan, CHRO, FOCUS Brands, Inc. (Cinnabon, Moe’s, Schlotzsky’s, Carvel)

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