You’ve told your people to work together better. How’s that working for you so far? Thought so. We can tell you why.

You're Suffering from Collaborative Insanity

Telling people to simply work together better and expecting them to actually do it is, well…insane.   Why?  Because collaborating effectively requires behavioral awareness and skills that just haven’t been taught. Until now.  Here’s the good news: the first step in stopping the insanity is simple.  Open your mind to the idea that collaboration is more than an activity.   It’s a process that can be taught, developed, shared AND measured.  True Collaboration℠ will help you get more done to achieve stellar results.  It is the new competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. 

Profitability is driven by productivity

Productivity is driven by collaboration.  Let us show you how the power of True Collaboration℠ can help you accomplish even the most challenging business goals.

Learn about our approach

FOCUS Brands, Inc.

“We engaged Banding People Together to help us set the tone for the upcoming year after going through a reorganization.  They did an amazing job getting us all “playing from the same sheet of music” by helping us drive the right conversations around how to work together to leverage our brands to maximize growth opportunities.  The music element opened up our people in a profoundly unique way and the learning exceeded our expectations.  We will never look at collaboration the same way again.”

Bob Swan, CHRO, FOCUS Brands, Inc. (Cinnabon, Moe’s, Schlotzsky’s, Carvel)


Menasha Packaging Company

“Banding People Together delivered a world-class event and far exceeded our expectations.  Having worked with your group was truly an unforgettable experience!  You had our entire group engaged, inspired, connected and created an energy that is still buzzing throughout our organization. ”

Jeff Krepline, Vice President National Sales & RII, Menasha Packaging Company


Who We’ve Worked With

We are working with some of the most well known companies in the world.


Nobody Gets Your People Working Together Better

Our science-based, music-infused approach enables everyone to find their voice, know their part, and perform with more passion and purpose. True Collaboration℠ turns reducers into producers and rings out the destructive interference in your organizational mix that kills productivity.

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