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With True Collaboration® the world’s first repeatable system for effective collaboration

For any business to make a hit record, it requires multiple players. And since most of us have never been taught how to effectively collaborate, here are a few reasons that working together can suck:

  • Some people think they’d be better off as a solo artist
  • Some people feel pace and rhythm differently from others
  • Some people are hard-wired, some are heart-wired
  • Some people are just loud

And that’s why behind every great band and every hit record is a great producer.


We are a consultancy of strategists, scientists, coaches and rock stars who combine validated science with the power of music to behaviorally engineer high-performance.


True Collaboration® is the world's first repeatable system for effective collaboration

As the foremost authority on effective collaborative skill-building and strategy, our approach is unique and our results are undeniable. Our partners bring True Collaboration® into their mix in a few different ways:


We know the world doesn’t need another assessment. That’s why we didn’t build one. Instead, we built a diagnostic that can actually cure your case of collaborative insanity.

Discover the CHI

When you’ve got a project, meeting, or event that can’t afford to miss, you need a producer who knows how to make hits, and sometimes breaks out the cowbell.

See The Show

Once you’ve heard our sound and experienced the impact, we’re here to help you craft the strategy that will make True Collaboration® go viral Gangnam Style within your organization.


Feel Like You've Heard This Song Before?

Here’s what makes True Collaboration® different from the one-hit wonders that are all over your inbox:

Connecting Heads and Hearts

Our approach resonates with both hard-wired AND heart-wired team members

Neurologically Irresistible

Our unique music-centricity and facilitation style ensures rapid adoption via the limbic brain 

The Power of Music

Music is the universal language of mankind – been turning skeptics into singers for centuries

NASA Langley Research Center

“I haven’t stopped talking about my experience that day in the Banding People Together Workshop. I’ve worked at NASA for 36 years, and I can truly say that I enjoyed that workshop more than any other!  And I’ve attended plenty!  More importantly, it made more of an impact on me than I could’ve imagined.  Since the workshop, I’ve taken a look at my work habits–the good and some maybe not as good; and I’m happy to say that I’ve embraced my Gaga and my Bruce (the good habits) and I’m making efforts to improve on the “maybe not as good” habits.”

Angela M. Davis, Administrative Management Specialist, NASA Langley Research Center


“Using BPT’s collaboration assessment produced immediate benefits for our team. The ability of the instrument to evaluate collaboration on both an individual and team level is unparalleled. This experience was by far the most high impact session our team has ever had.”

Bob Eichenberg, Market Human Resources Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers

FOCUS Brands, Inc.

“We engaged Banding People Together to help us set the tone for the upcoming year after going through a reorganization.  They did an amazing job getting us all “playing from the same sheet of music” by helping us drive the right conversations around how to work together to leverage our brands to maximize growth opportunities.  The music element opened up our people in a profoundly unique way and the learning exceeded our expectations.  We will never look at collaboration the same way again.”

Bob Swan, CHRO, FOCUS Brands, Inc. (Cinnabon, Moe’s, Schlotzsky’s, Carvel)

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