October 2, 2019

Against All Odds

My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing Phil Collins in concert this past Saturday in Atlanta. It’s easy to forget the crazy number of hits he’s had. What surprised us both was watching Phil hobble on stage with a cane. He sat down most of the show. He addressed the challenge head on from the beginning. He put himself out there and it made everyone respect and love him even more. He decided to “lead” us in a transparent conversation grounded in undeniable truth. As a result, the “optics” didn’t seem to matter one bit. Part of effectively working together to achieve True CollaborationĀ® is being able to adjust in real time. His band adapted and engaged with him and the crowd in a way that made us forget that he was even sitting. It was really cool. That doesn’t happen without great intention and tactics. Are you or your band members aware enough to adapt and adjust at the speed of business to ensure collective success? Probably not. It is rare. – Banding People Together’s CEO/Founder, Alan Schaefer

October 2, 2019

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