Collaborative Harmony Index -- Find Your Groove℠

You know it when you hear it … a magical combination of sounds that work beautifully together. In our world, we call that harmony. In your world, it’s called alignment. The Collaborative Harmony Index℠ delivers actionable insights for individuals and teams to execute in harmony and alignment. It is the behavioral engine that drives our holistic, integrated True Collaboration℠ process.

And then there’s groove … or in your world, what is called high performance. You know it when you feel it. When all the players are interacting harmoniously in a way that maximizes everyone’s contribution.  The Collaborative Harmony Index℠ is designed to help you find your groove and achieve results individually and within a team context — and feel great doing it.

“Using BPT’s collaboration assessment produced immediate benefits for our team. The ability of the instrument to evaluate collaboration on both an individual and team level is unparalleled. This experience was by far the most high impact session our team has ever had.”

Bob Eichenberg  Market Human Resources Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Awareness. Alignment. Performance.

The Collaborative Harmony IndexSM (CHI) is not just about playing to your strengths. It’s about playing in your groove. A strengths-only focus sometimes creates a type of tunnel vision, causing challenges to the people you work with. 

Instead, the CHI develops your individual skills and self-awareness. As a result, you enhance the capability of others. You become aware of how you’re contributing AND aware of what everyone else is contributing, too. That’s how you get to effective execution on your own, or within a collaborative team dynamic. That’s groove and high performance all day long.


You start with an online survey that takes just 10 to 15 minutes.  After all, you’re busy. The output is your custom Collaborative Harmony IndexSM that provides personalized insights to help you be more effective when working with others.  

The CHI is foundational to our True CollaborationSM methodology and is scientifically designed to optimize individuals and teams by providing three key insights.

Part 1: How do you sound when working with others? Sure, everyone sounds great in the shower.  But the CHI brings clarity to the way others hear your voice when working together, in a way that resonates and is actionable. Developed using the five-factor model of personality, our CHI identifies your collaborative voice based on famous recording artists, which drives lightning fast retention and adoption.

Part 2: How do you contribute to the collaborative sound? (Also known in your world as the team dynamic.) Everyone comes to the collaborative process with their own “instrument” — the lens they look through. The CHI identifies how and with what instruments you contribute individually and as part of a team dynamic.

In order to truly maximize contributions and achieve results, you need four specific instruments: Purpose, Trust, Energy, and Execution. (In the L&D world, these are known as core competencies.)

Understanding your collaborative sound is a critical phase of the True CollaborationSM Learning Journey. Without it, you don’t get the language or the awareness to operationalize your collaborative process and drive effective execution.

Part 3: What are the behaviors that kill the groove and derail effective collaboration? We call these “sour notes” – behaviors that create dissonance, the opposite of harmony. The Collaborative Harmony IndexSM identifies the sour notes that cause frustration, wear down engagement and keep you or your team from executing. Importantly, the CHI also provides the language and data of the True CollaborationSM framework for diagnosing what’s off-key when you’re not performing – and how to get your groove back. 


The Soundtrack That Goes With Everything You're Already Doing

More than a diagnostic, the Collaborative Harmony IndexSM is specifically designed to amplify other methodologies and assessments you may already be using. It doesn’t replace other frameworks, it augments them. It’s also integrated into everything we do.