A powerful new way to identify how people show up to collaborate with easy to understand results that matter.

Introducing The Collaborative Harmony Index - Find your Groove ℠

Quantifying the True Collaboration℠ Gap

Wondering why individuals and teams just can’t seem to get in step with their collaboration marching orders? The CHI tells all. 

The Collaborative Harmony Index (CHI) is the behavioral measurement engine that powers our True Collaboration℠ methodology. It consists of three instruments that zero on what causes collaborative insanity. 

No one else pinpoints the gaps in collaborative behaviors and competencies like we do – and it only takes 15 minutes.  Plus, we spot the “sour notes” that wreak havoc in organizations.  When it comes to existing teams, we identify why the chemistry is off and what to do about it so you can align strategy and execution.  Our Sound Check raises self-awareness by comparing individual ratings with perceptions of team members.  This comprehensive set of metrics is what makes our CHI so powerful.

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The Power of CHI

Combined, all three instruments provide a roadmap for training, developing, hiring, and nurturing teams so your people work better together and get more done.  Essentially the CHI data shows you how to behaviorally engineer high performing teams and mint individuals who bring True Collaboration principles to their work every day.

Understanding Collaborative Competencies to Stop the Insanity

The questions we ask reveal strengths and challenges along four collaborative process dimensions.

1.  Pump Up the Volume • Be Ambitious/Challenging Goals • Create A Healthy Competitive Spirit • Take Ownership For Results

2.  Jam with Vision
• Define A Shared Purpose • Challenge The Status Quo • Act To Create Change

3.  Create Good Vibes  • Inclusiveness • Team Spirit • Caring & Support

4.  Set the Stage • Clear Roles & Goals • Fair, Consistent Process • Organization & Planning

Once we know where you stand, we customize an engagement to maximize individual contributions and operationalize the collaborative process.

Intuitive and Easy to Apply

Our measurement approach blends the power of validated behavioral science with music-infused, familiar language.  No psychobabble. We identify dominant and secondary collaboration styles using personas of four famous recording artists.  That helps everyone from the front lines to the C-Suite remember and act on what they’ve learned.

Data Makes Collaborative Insanity Disappear

You choose how far to go with our measurement tools.  You can take a simple exercise to get a taste of collaborative styles.  Or go deeper to take stock of the skills and competencies of individuals or the collective collaborative dynamics of everyone on functional or purpose-driven teams.

The more CHI data we have, the further we can move the needle. Just ask clients who have had us facilitate collaborative action planning sessions or design talent strategies for hiring, firing, onboarding or assimilating new leaders and team members. CHI data tells which skills and competencies your people are missing.  Figuring out how to fill the gap between strategy and execution just got easier. 

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Our Methodology

Our methodology combines behavioral diagnostics, experiential learning, facilitation and coaching to rapidly infuse the practices and behaviors of high performing teams and organizations. It starts as a linear progression. Once you’ve gone through the process, it becomes iterative, reinforcing and circular. We take a holistic, integrated approach to make the benefits of True Collaboration℠ sustainable.

Research shows there are specific collaborative behaviors found in high-functioning teams and organizations. That’s what we instill. Our Collaborative Harmony Index diagnostic identifies and assesses behaviors on an individual, team and organizational level. Our program design puts concepts into practice. The opportunity to rapidly learn, apply, accomplish and celebrate success fuels engagement and unleashes the power of True Collaboration℠.

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“Using BPT’s collaboration assessment produced immediate benefits for our team. The ability of the instrument to evaluate collaboration on both an individual and team level is unparalleled. This experience was by far the most high impact session our team has ever had.”

Bob Eichenberg  Market Human Resources Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers

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