Banding People Together

Why Your Next Initiative Will Fail

Most of us know that insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  And staggeringly, we see organizations stepping on the same nail over and over again when it comes to launching effective cultural or behavior type change initiatives.  If you and your organization […]

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Airports and Accountability

Yesterday I flew back home to Atlanta from LAX after working with some amazing leaders at Netflix. Being in Atlantan it’s hard not to fly Delta and as a result I’ve reached what they call Platinum status. Beyond upgrades, it allows me and many others to board early. This is […]

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Collaboration; Expected Not Taught

I am truly baffled by the incredibly unrealistic expectation that people should be able to collaborate effectively. I suppose if we look at how man has evolved we can make some assumptions. In the earliest days man had to collaborate to survive. They worked together to eat and to protect […]

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