Sales and Marketing Offsite

Sales and Marketing Offsite

What: Engaged us for their annual sales and marketing meeting for team building.

Goal:  They wanted an event that would connect people to each other and back to the business and wanted to create an experience with learning that made their people feel invested in.

Program Type: Team Building (half day).  Banding did a Bluebird Café style musical performance during dinner and was the band for some late night dancing.

Results:  We started a powerful new conversation around collaboration in the organization.  The VP of Marketing decided that she wanted their biggest clients to experience what the Bentley team experienced that day and has engaged Banding to do a customer engagement event for fall 2016.  They are also using the songs that they created in their showrooms as a way to engage customers.  The sales organization will be taking our Collaborative Harmony Index diagnostics as the next step in their collaborative learning journey.  


“Hiring Banding for our National Sales Meeting was an amazing experience. They took the time to understand our business culture,  people , and process . They then crafted an engaging and collaborative environment for learning that left our team asking, when do we get to do another session with Banding ? What we were able to accomplish as an organization in our time with them, blew us away! This group goes beyond any “training or team building” you think you have experienced. They not only teach, but inspire collaboration, and organizational excellence.  Banding People Together = Game Changers .  We will continue to find opportunities to develop our team and brand in partnership with Banding.” 


We over deliver every time but please don’t take our word for it.

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