Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

What: We are part of their ongoing leadership development program for high potentials and do 3-4 sessions a year.  We are one of many sessions during an entire week of development.

Goal: To provide executives with thought leadership on how to create a One Team environment at SunTrust.  They also wanted a non-traditional learning experience that would get their leaders out of their comfort zone.  They placed our session strategically in the middle of the week right before they form project teams.

Program Type: Collaborative Leadership (6 hours)

Results:  Our first session was the highest rated session in the history of the their program until we did our second session which was rated 5 out of 5.   We’ve been working together for more than two years and have done work outside of the LDP program with the Wealth Management group.  

We over deliver every time but please don’t take our word for it.

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