Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Senior Leadership Retreat

Senior Leadership Retreat

What: Engaged us for their annual senior leadership retreat

Goal:  Building a more collaborative organization, break down silos, more cross-functional collaboration

Program Type: Collaborative Training (full day)

Results: A grassroots campaign has manifested post session to keep the collaboration going.  Senior leadership has embraced True Collaboration℠ as a new management philosophy.  Forty of the 65 attendees met on their own to continue a dialogue on what they can do as a group to keep the new collaborative conversation going.  They also discussed ways to share key collaborative concepts with those who did not attend the session.  Additionally, senior leaders are leveraging our True Collaboration℠ framework and methodology to operationalize solutions improving patient care.


“The field of medicine and healthcare have hundreds of years of institutionalized norms that make undertaking culture change in a large healthcare system a daunting challenge. Our organization has implemented many top notch programs such as Just Culture, TeamSTEPPS, and Crucial Conversations but none have had such an immediate positive impact as the Banding People Together experience. Attendees raved about the program and months after our session, both staff and doctors are still talking about and using the collaborative process concepts and methods. This program has given our organization a new framework through which to talk about collaborative patient care.” 

Erin Flanigan, Vice President /Chief Human Resources Officer, Wentworth-Douglass Health System

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