October 19, 2016

Collaboration; Expected Not Taught

I am truly baffled by the incredibly unrealistic expectation that people should be able to collaborate effectively. I suppose if we look at how man has evolved we can make some assumptions. In the earliest days man had to collaborate to survive. They worked together to eat and to protect each other. The very act of creating a life requires what most consider a very welcomed act of collaboration. From that perspective, many people believe and assume that the ability to collaborate is something that we are born with. True on some level. However, I believe this way of thinking has gotten us in trouble.

I passionately believe the world has got it all wrong. That’s right. I said it. Most of the world has this collaboration thing completely wrong and it’s creating unnecessary insanity. It’s a simple matter of expectation. I find it astounding that nobody is being taught to collaborate. Yet, miraculously everyone is supposed to just “know how to do it”. Thats nuts! You don’t put people on the road to drive cars without teaching them the rules, what to look out for and how to drive safely. Collaboratively speaking, that’s exactly what we are doing on a personal, organizational and societal level. Then we scratch our heads in wonder and can’t figure out what’s causing all these collaborative


It’s time to wake up and stop this collaborative insanity. This is an epidemic and we are not approaching it in a way that makes any sense whatsoever. If you are getting in the collaborative car without proper training I hope you have a good helmet. You’re gonna need it. If you are putting someone in the collaborative car without proper training than find a good lawyer because you just might be an accomplice. It’s time to give collaboration the respect that it deserves. Maybe if we put our egos aside for a moment we just might realize that we aren’t as good at it as we thought and that we need help getting better at it.

Rock On,


October 19, 2016

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