October 7, 2019


Behavior change is driven by the conditions we create and the expectations we set. A great example of this can be found when we examine Woodstock, the legendary music festival in 1969. The festival organizers were extremely conscious about how they positioned the festival. It was billed as a gathering of peace and music. They were intentionally creating community. They enlisted a famous commune called the Hog Farm led by a guy named Wavy Gravy to be security. They intentionally referred to themselves as the “please” force instead of the police force. They helped people going through bad trips and then when they got them back to reality had those same people help others who needed it. Those expectations were supported by shared values. So why is this so hard in organizations? Not hard to figure out. The values don’t mean anything when leaders don’t walk the walk or when they look the other way to justify numbers. On boarding is rushed and focused way more on the job skills than culture. So what expectations are you setting and following? #behaviorchange#culture#optimization#awareness#collaboration#leadership#Bandingpeopletogether#woodstock

October 7, 2019

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