October 4, 2019

Fan or Critic?

Some people are FANS of Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder. Others are CRITICS. Which one are you? Now please read on. Years ago when Pearl Jam’s first record Ten was going crazy they played the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. The show sold out in minutes. My twin brother got shut out and his picture as a “have not” made it in the paper. Tickets were scarce and nowhere to be found. Then out of nowhere we get a message on our answering machine (yes a tape). “This call is from Seattle. I’m looking for the Robert Schaefer who is looking for tickets to the Pearl Jam show. Call this number and ask for Chris. A girl, a woman, and tell her what night you want to see the music play. My name’s Eddie. See you in Atlanta.” Yes, that actually happened. Still a CRITIC or possibly now a FAN? Rock stars like great leaders go out of their way to invest their time to create special experiences for others…just because. Do you think you have more FANS or CRITICS? What narratives are others forming of you based on how you show up every day? #authenticity#leadership#TrueCollaboration#Culture#PearlJam#EddieVedder

October 4, 2019

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