What type of ROI should we expect?

Your rock stars will be given tools and techniques to develop and maintain a collaborative environment which will impact employee engagement and retention, improve team performance, build culture and increase innovation.

How is BPT different than other music related training concepts?

BPT’s methodology has been carefully designed with real ROI in the way of behavior change and learning outcomes.

Will BPT methodology conflict or cause confusion with our current learning and development initiatives?

No, our methodology is designed to align with and support your current learning initiatives.

Is there a means for tracking progress post event?

Yes, we can track collaborative process via our web platform and through our collaborative assessment tool.

What are we a good fit for?

Leadership Development & Alignment, Employee Engagement Initiatives, Improving Team Performance, Change Management, Collaborative Strategy, Diversity and Inclusion, Launching New Project Teams, Executive Alignment, Individual Collaborative Development, Executive Retreats

What is the typical length of a BPT program?

There is no typical length. Our programs range from one hour keynotes to full day workshops.

What is the maximum group size for a BPT program?


What is the minimum group size for a BPT program?

No minimum.

Does BPT offer programs internationally?


Do we have to sing?

Only if you want to!

Is any musical experience or knowledge required?

No, our bandleaders are trained to lead your musical collaborative experience every step of the way.

We’ve never worked with musicians before. What should we expect?

Our bandleaders (facilitators) are collaboration experts trained to lead your rock stars through the collaborative process while challenging and empowering them at the same time. They aren’t just rock stars. They are carefully chosen for their intellect, wisdom, talent, business acumen and facilitation skills.