The Learning Journey

How we take training from a “have-to” to a “get-to”

An Integrated Learning Journey

Our three-part Learning Journey is taught linearly, yet each part is integrated into the next.

Part 1: Amplifying Voice

Part 2: Maximizing Contribution

Part 3: Sustaining Commitment

Even if you do just Part 1 of the journey, you’ll find that the impact is incredibly powerful on your engagement, culture, and individual and team development.

AMPLIFYING VOICE (Part 1 - Full Day)

The Learning

This foundational part of our True CollaborationSM methodology is a shift in traditional thinking, designed to transform collaboration from a seemingly random activity to a repeatable process that enables executional excellence.  Participants are given a framework for working with others in a way that is effective, increases performance, and dramatically impacts engagement. Through our Collaborative Harmony IndexSM diagnostic – completed as pre-work — participants gain a profound understanding of how they sound when working with others (based on personality) and more importantly, what behaviors derail effective collaboration. 

Part 1 of the Learning Journey introduces steps 1, 2 and 3 of our True CollaborationSM process:

  • Awareness of Self and Others
  • Operating Agreements
  • Alignment

The Experience

The day begins with a live musical performance, which quickly establishes that this is not traditional training. The experience continues with large and small group facilitation, as we combine behavioral science with lessons learned from the world of Rock & Roll in a way that is so engaging, your people will swear it’s not training! The day is designed to iteratively build collaborative skills that are ultimately put into practice when breakout groups write an original song. While suspiciously fun, the songwriting exercise allows participants to apply newly learned skills necessary for rapid alignment, while implementing a framework for crafting an effective and compelling narrative. These are critical skills for influencing others and getting things done in today’s environment, as organizations become more matrixed.

Hear actual songs co-created in past Learning Journey sessions

Maximizing Contribution (Part 2 - Half Day)

The Learning

This session focuses on how to maximize individual contributions while effectively collaborating, and provides a valuable framework for optimizing any project or initiative. Through our Collaborative Harmony IndexSM diagnostic, participants gain actionable insights into how they most naturally contribute to the collaborative sound or team dynamic, through four Collaborative Instruments: Purpose, Trust, Execution, and Energy.  These instruments, or competencies, provide profound clarity about specific behaviors that are required for achieving results.  The language is universal, actionable and most importantly, designed to work in concert with just about any other framework or methodology. 

Part 2 of the Learning Journey introduces steps 4 and 5 of our True CollaborationSM process:

  • Maximizing Contributions
  • Dynamic Adjustments to the Mix

The Experience

This half-day begins with a large group experience, as we combine live musical performances, behind-the-music style videos, and facilitated breakout exercises to connect with the hearts and minds of everyone in the session.  We relate our world to yours with a backstage pass to the process of how platinum records are made. The session provides engaging, impactful learning and is reinforced with facilitated individual and group exercises that make it long-lasting and relevant, both personally and professionally. Participants also have the opportunity to diagnose and solve for real world challenges they are facing as leaders and team members. 

Sustaining Commitment (Part 3)

Now that your team or organization has found the groove of high performance, you’ll want to protect your unique sound and weave it into your overall talent strategy.  Part 3 of the Learning Journey is where we partner with your Human Resources support, talent management and Organizational Development rock stars to connect the dots in order to make your investment in True CollaborationSM sustainable.  Specifically, we will show you how to connect this new way of thinking to your larger talent and performance strategy through:

  • Recruiting
  • Interviewing
  • On-boarding
  • Assimilating new team member
  • Coaching leaders
  • Developing high potentials
  • Performance management
  • Measuring the impact of employee engagement

Holistic. Integrated. Transformational.

Together, our holistic True CollaborationSM process and Learning Journey creates the awareness that allows alignment that drives performance. And at the heart of any training, execution is still, and always will be, the desired outcome.

The Learning Journey is highly customizable, based on your requirements such as time, budget, size of audience, and desired level of experience. We deliver through customized channels, including:

  • Consultation
  • Virtual Learning
  • Blended Learning

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