August 27, 2018

Your Next Leadership Event Can Be One of Your Greatest Hits – Just Ask Verizon

There are plenty of vendors out there who can make a leadership or team-building event engaging. But finding out that your spirit animal is a Wolf Bunny doesn’t really move the needle, and since you’re not installing a zip line in the office anytime soon, you need an event that’s going to deliver an experience AND post-session effectiveness.

If you think that sounds like chasing unicorns, that’s ok. The idea that process and results can BOTH be good and feel good is foreign to most of us because we don’t repeatedly experience it. But it IS possible, and you don’t have to take our word for it, just ask Katie O’Connell Ward from Verizon.

Katie, like so many meeting owners, is charged with maximizing both experience and impact when the company invests to bring their leaders together. As she surveyed her options (both internal and external) for delivering on objectives like “organizational transformation”, she knew she needed a partner, not just a vendor.

Drawn to the power of our approach, Katie believed that the power of music paired with our True CollaborationĀ® framework was the mix move she needed to make to deliver experience and impact – and the outcomes…well, we’ll let her tell you about those from a recent webinar with our partners at Meetings and Incentives Worldwide. Take a listen below.

Getting a group of leaders together anytime soon? Want to see a language of “Franks” and “Gagas” adopted lightning-fast to save time and accelerate transformation? Hoping to achieve success and results like Katie did? We’d love to talk about how we can make your next hit record together.

August 27, 2018

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