August 27, 2019

Other’s Potential

When Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl was drumming for Nirvana, not many people would have thought, “one day that guy is going to be one of the best front men and songwriters ever and possibly save rock & roll.” When it comes to seeing the potential of others I don’t believe we are as open minded as we like to tell ourselves. As humans we build narratives in our heads about just about anything including our view of others. To get to that realization of his future potential, you would have had to INVEST in seeing beyond your own limited narrative. You would have needed to care enough to do some research in the way of asking questions and exploration. Very few of us have the discipline to do that in real time, especially under pressure and at the speed of business. Chances are, you have rock stars in your midst but you are just too busy to notice. In my band days I didn’t see the immense talent in my band mates in a way that truly mattered. In turn, I unknowingly turned my band into a solo project in band’s clothing. Don’t let that happen to you. Your bandmates deserve better. Finally, please don’t give in to the victim like notion that there is a shortage of talent. That is simply an illusion. #talent#truecollaboration#leadership#potential

August 27, 2019

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