A Mind-Blowing Way

To Engage and Grow Strategic Accounts

“After experiencing the effectiveness of Banding within our own organization, we decided to design specific programming with the Banding team to help build stronger partnerships with strategic accounts.  Since starting this series of client experience events, we have seen an incredible amount of value sponsoring these for our company.”



The Goal:  

Bentley wants to build strong relationships with its key accounts, in a way that has ongoing value and effectiveness for both their clients and their organization. 

The Solution:

Bentley and Banding People Together designed a series of experiences for key accounts in several markets. Bentley hosted these events across the U.S., bringing the story of Finding Your Collaborative Groove into six targeted local markets. To increase attendance, we co-created curriculum that allowed clients who are commercial interior designers to earn CEU credits.

In each market, Bentley account reps invited their key clients to participate in a once in a lifetime, music-infused experience, where they learned to increase their communication and collaborative skills through Banding’s unique songwriting process. The feedback from Bentley’s clients said it all – they learned to be more effective together and had an amazing time doing it. 

To create even more value beyond the initial experience, attendees were invited to take our Collaborative Harmony Index (CHI) diagnostic to expand their own awareness and effectiveness.  Banding then shared the valuable behavioral insights and data with Bentley to help them dramatically increase engagement with key clients and shorten sales cycles.

The Results:

Bentley saw several valuable outcomes, including greater alignment with clients; stronger relationships; improved communication, and shortened sales cycle. Account reps also:

  • Increased the number of welcomed communication “touches” with clients post session, including sharing the songs they wrote, which Banding recorded and digitized.
  • Generated more selling opportunities by using the CHI data to understand the specific personality of each client, so they could better communicate Bentley’s unique value..
  • Fortified relationships with key strategic accounts by providing an engaging experience that helped their clients be more effective both professionally and personally, ultimately increasing brand loyalty. 

Sounds of the Sessions

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