Learning Solutions

When was the last time your training got a standing ovation?

When it comes to Learning & Development, isn’t it about the purpose behind the outcome?  As an L&D professional, you got into this business because you want to help people grow, to step into their best self at work and at home, to enjoy what they do and be damn good at it.

That’s why we got into this business, too.

Very few programs can yield those results. Ours is one of them.

People tell us our approach is so engaging, they don’t even realize they’re learning. We’re talking lightening-quick understanding, rapid adoption, and sustainable long-term retention. For any generation, role or level of experience. How? Because of our music-infused language, diagnostics, tools, and the experience itself. We’ll take your leaders, team or organization on a Learning Journey unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Want to see what that looks like?


Music activates the brain’s limbic system, where long-term memory and emotion live. As a team of behavioral scientists, consultants and rock musicians, we are absolutely intentional about tying learning and development to the power of music and the brain’s most potent receptors. And we continually relate our world to your world in a way that’s meaningful and actionable. Because who said training can’t be effective AND fun?

That’s why people who participate in our sessions get it, love it, and are using it before they even leave the room. And they’re integrating it into their organizations
the very next day.


Our programs are more than just another experiential learning or team-building offering. This is a carefully vetted L&D framework with a scientifically-designed methodology, diagnostics, tools, language, and a process that delivers the results you need.  And not just skill-building and development results; our solution impacts your organization’s productivity, engagement, culture, and
overall level of performance.


If you’re like us, you know that’s possible. That training itself done right can transform an organization and its culture, particularly when it’s easy, feels good, and people know how to make it meaningful.  Yep, we believe that through our unique learning programs, employees can create the workplace
they’ve always dreamed of.