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We are the only organization on the planet offering True Collaboration℠ training.

Who Ever Said That Learning Has To Suck?

Participants are engaged from the downbeat of every session and will immediately feel rewarded instead of punished or inconvenienced.   The common sense intuitive nature of our True Collaboration℠ methodology will stick in a way you simply won’t believe until you see for yourself.    Send us your most jaded and skeptical and we will give you a front row seat to what impact is possible from training.   Don’t take our word for it.  See what our fans have to say. 

Why our methodology rocks

The success of our programs lies in our ability to transcend business altogether by delivering a learning experience that uniquely combines head and heart. Here’s why our methodology rocks:

  • No-brainer easy to understand providing science without the psychobabble
  • Provides an operational framework for the collaborative process that is actionable and measurable impacting engagement, culture, strategy execution and change
  • Crosses all organizational hierarchy, ethnic, cultural, generational, socio-economic and gender boundaries
  • Enables lightning fast adoption with minimal scrap learning
  • Integrates easily into other learning frameworks and methodologies

Our Methodology

Our methodology combines behavioral diagnostics, experiential learning, facilitation and coaching to rapidly infuse the practices and behaviors of high performing teams and organizations.  Our holistic, integrated approach will provide you with the tools to make the benefits of True Collaboration℠ sustainable.

  • New leader assimilation
  • Collaborative action planning sessions
  • Team needs assessments
  • Hiring/Interviewing guides
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Our Learning Solutions

All of our learning solutions can be customized to fit your strategic learning and development needs.

Team Building – Half-Day Facilitated Workshop

Experience True Collaboration℠ while co-writing a song together in an environment so powerful and engaging, you won’t even know you’re learning. Our team building workshops can be delivered in a training environment or at an offsite and can include additional music performances.

  • Redefine collaboration as a process
  • Learn how to modify your collaborative communication style for a higher level of engagement
  • Apply key foundational collaborative concepts to create engagement
Standard Workshop – Full Day Facilitated Workshop

Participants are engaged from the downbeat of the session and won’t look at their watch once the entire day as they take a deeper dive into the True Collaboration℠ methodology. This program includes our Collaborative Harmony Index diagnostics and personal collaborative development plans along with coaching as needed post session. This workshop can be integrated into multi-day off sites or as a stand-alone day of training.

  • Learn the four collaborative competencies necessary for True Collaboration℠
  • Understand how to maximize individual contribution
  • Avoid destructive behaviors that derail engagement and alignment
Intact Team – Blended Learning

Optimize performance of an intact team by creating Engagement Nirvana to get more done. This program combines facilitator-led sessions with virtual sessions and comes with a suite of Collaborative Harmony Index diagnostic-based tools for optimizing talent. No prior experience with the team building or standard workshop offerings is required.

  • Increased productivity, efficiency and team accountability
  • Reduced communication-based conflict
  • Dramatically increased engagement and retention
Leadership – One & Two Day Workshops

Our unique approach to collaborative leadership will help turn reducers into producers by teaching your leaders how to create the optimal environment that supports True Collaboration℠. This offering is designed to support organizational leaders, is often incorporated into a broader leader development program and includes post-workshop coaching.

  • Optimization of talent (strategy, tactics and tools)
  • Learn how to coach and develop talent based on the True Collaboration℠ framework
  • Increase engagement, energy and motivation

Why Music Works

“Music is the universal language of mankind”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Neuroscientists have demonstrated that listening to and playing music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. It connects both sides of the brain. Music impacts the prefrontal cortex responsible for controlling behavior, expression and decision-making and the amygdala, which is involved in our emotional responses. It also engages the hippocampus involved in music memories, experiences and context.

Our music-infused, experiential learning is like a great song stuck in your head! Music literally makes our message more memorable. It’s a universal language that transcends business and unites people from all walks of life. We use it to get people to open up and foster trusted relationships. We move energy and sustain engagement through music. Ultimately, the power of music captures hearts and minds and speeds up the adoption of our True Collaboration℠ process and behaviors.

Why Songwriting?

It sure would be easy to discount the value of the songwriting exercises in our workshops.  Let us tell you why you shouldn’t do that so quickly.

  1. It is a way to viscerally connect to the rational and non-rational thinking required to accomplish True Collaboration while putting the tools, tactics and behavioral awareness into real practice so that it is immediately internalized.  Think about it, 15-30 people writing a song together. Are you kidding?  This is alignment on steroids and will make every meeting your people ever attend seem like a cakewalk. 
  2. The songs that get written capture the heart and souls of your people and organization and once they are recorded become tangible assets that can be used for internal and external branding.  You couldn’t get the biggest agency in the world to come up with something this cool.  
Here are a few examples for your listening pleasure.

Gen Re – A Berkshire Hathaway Company

“Who would of thought team members in the reinsurance business would find their inner rock star? I personally recommend Banding People Together as a highly engaging and educational event.  If you have a diverse set of individuals from different organizational and cultural backgrounds, this program will help break down barriers and bring about collaboration. Your team members will leave the room singing a different tune . . . one that respects differences and unity.”

Ann Marie Sidman, Vice President, Organizational Development, Gen Re – A Berkshire Hathaway Company

NASA Langley Research Center

“I haven’t stopped talking about my experience that day in the Banding People Together Workshop. I’ve worked at NASA for 36 years, and I can truly say that I enjoyed that workshop more than any other!  And I’ve attended plenty!  More importantly, it made more of an impact on me than I could’ve imagined.  Since the workshop, I’ve taken a look at my work habits–the good and some maybe not as good; and I’m happy to say that I’ve embraced my Gaga and my Bruce (the good habits) and I’m making efforts to improve on the “maybe not as good” habits.”  

Angela M. Davis, Administrative Management Specialist, NASA Langley Research Center

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