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Transformational meetings that connect your people to each other and the organization in a way that defies all logic.

For Meeting and Event Planners

Banding People Together is a concert style experiential learning event that uses band dynamics and songwriting to improve collaboration for individuals and organizations. We make your clients feel like rock stars and offer a one-of-a-kind group experience not found anywhere else. Our bandleaders will get your clients excited about collaboration and can uniquely integrate into any meeting for an unparalleled event through our keynotes, interactive workshops and band performances.

  • Sales Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • IT Summits
  • Franchisee Meetings
  • Incentive Trips
  • Customer Engagement Events
  • Senior Leadership Retreats
Nobody wants to go to another meeting.

That’s why your clients come to you – because they need you to orchestrate a one-of-a-kind experience that will motivate and align their people around business priorities while keeping it interactive, focused on business priorities, and driving off-the-charts engagement. Also, if you happen to have any connections with Aerosmith, the CEO is a big fan…

Since you probably don’t have Steven Tyler on speed dial, what you need is a freakishly-unique blend of rockstars and facilitators capable of connecting participants’ heads and hearts to create an unforgettable experience that drives tangible business impact.

Meeting planners who use us will tell you that we’re a charismatic group of rock stars with serious business smarts. We are behaviorists and strategists who can provide unparalleled continuity and customization for your event through a mix of our music-infused programs and offerings that include:

  • Interactive keynote presentations
  • Facilitated team-building songwriting workshops
  • High-energy live musical performances

Let Us Show You What’s Possible For Your Next Meeting

Imagine in one conversation being able to find a keynote with real thought leadership, breakouts with real training capability and entertainment from some of the most musically talented people you will ever be in the same room with?  Check out the videos below to see what’s possible for your next meeting.

Why Music Works

“Music is the universal language of mankind”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Neuroscientists have demonstrated that listening to and playing music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. It connects both sides of the brain. Music impacts the prefrontal cortex responsible for controlling behavior, expression and decision-making and the amygdala, which is involved in our emotional responses. It also engages the hippocampus involved in music memories, experiences and context.

Our music-infused, experiential learning is like a great song stuck in your head! Music literally makes our message more memorable. It’s a universal language that transcends business and unites people from all walks of life. We use it to get people to open up and foster trusted relationships. We move energy and sustain engagement through music. Ultimately, the power of music captures hearts and minds and speeds up the adoption of our True Collaboration℠ process and behaviors.

Why Songwriting?

It sure would be easy to discount the value of the songwriting exercises in our workshops.  Let us tell you why you shouldn’t do that so quickly.

  1. It is a way to viscerally connect to the rational and non-rational thinking required to accomplish True Collaboration while putting the tools, tactics and behavioral awareness into real practice so that it is immediately internalized.  Think about it, 15-30 people writing a song together. Are you kidding?  This is alignment on steroids and will make every meeting your people ever attend seem like a cakewalk. 
  2. The songs that get written capture the heart and souls of your people and organization and once they are recorded become tangible assets that can be used for internal and external branding.  You couldn’t get the biggest agency in the world to come up with something this cool.  
Here are a few examples for your listening pleasure.

Huddle House, Inc.

“Alan Schaefer and the Banding team were amazing. For our national convention, I was searching for a way to promote collaboration between Huddle House Corporate and our franchise partners. Banding together hit a home run for us! The unique combination of music and team building brought both sides together through a fun, creative and interactive series of presentations.” 

Michael Abt, Chief Executive Officer, Huddle House, Inc.

Welk Resorts

“A heart felt thanks from us to you for creating an unforgettable teambuilding event for Welk Resorts at our Company Leadership Summit. Each of you is absolutely remarkable in your talent, professionalism, and sheer, zealous fervor. It’s no wonder you are all beloved by your clients.  Banding People Together produced the ultimate collaborating activity for us. I can’t recall ever having worked with another group that so exceeded expectations and delivered a world-class experience to our executives.”

Carianne McLellan, Corporate Relations, Welk Resorts


“Banding People Together brought an amazing level of energy and connection to our team members.  The ability to understand our business, relate to our team, and then conduct an engaging session that enabled everyone to participate and have fun was exactly what we had hoped for.  People are still talking about it and the teamwork that manifested as a result of the session will be long lasting. Thank you for helping band us together!”

Angie Williams, Senior Communications Manager, Microsoft Americas/US Enterprise Services

Are you ready to hear your clients chanting for an encore?

Ready to deliver the highest-rated meeting and enjoy the process as much as the outcome? Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for.

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