Conference Kickoff

No matter what kind of meeting, offsite or conference you’re planning, the kickoff needs to grab people, set the tone, and jumpstart the momentum that drives the rest of the work. 

The Conference Kickoff is our version of a beloved mixtape. It has the relevancy and originality of a great speaker + blended with the exhilaration and community connection of a full-on, favorite concert + combined with the most important learning moments that will change how you do business. Wait, there’s more: + facilitated group exercises and + transformational takeaways that make a lasting, cultural change long after the event.

That’s what we call our Conference Kickoff. Or as one client calls it, “a kickoff on experiential steroids.” It’s an experience you’ve got to see, hear and feel to believe. 

You have one opportunity to set the tone for your offsite. You’ve got one chance to get everyone’s attention and participation; to amp up their energy and engagement and get them to Wow.

What if one conversation can deliver this unique programming, stretch your budget and provide continuity in one line item?

  • Kickoff
  • Keynote
  • Musical performance(s)
  • Unique group exercises
  • Learning that delivers on your business goals and meeting objectives
  • A rock band for your evening entertainment! 
  • We can customize the Conference Kickoff to land even more of your agenda needs.


Attendees will:

  • Understand the True Collaboration™ framework for creating a highly effective collaborative culture in a way that helps you build a workplace you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Identify your collaborative voice (based on famous recording artists) and understand “who you become when you collaborate” – for an immediate impact on communication, alignment and engagement.

  • Learn clear action steps for eliminating collaborative insanity and developing a high-performing organization – including a new perspective of what “high-performing” means.

What's Possible?

Group size:                          Any size

Timeframe:                          60 to 90 minutes

Goes well with:                    Musical Performances
                                               Collaborative Harmony DiagnosticSM

What’s next?

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