Overcoming Collaborative Insanity

Ever wonder why working with others sometimes feels as if you’re the only sane one on the team? That’s because you’ve never had a real framework for collaborating effectively — where everybody understands the rules, the process and the desired result. 

Overcoming Collaborative Insanity is the brain trust of Banding People Together’s Founder and CEO, Alan Schaefer. Alan shares his thought leadership and his combined experiences as the lead in a touring and recording rock band; the founder of a tech start-up (that he sold before the age of 30); his years of partnered research in behavioral science, and a deep understanding of what makes organizations succeed or fail.

Alan offers a backstage pass to the True CollaborationSM methodology for creating healthy organizations and working together in a way that is meaningful and results-oriented effective. Alan’s insights on strategic collaboration enable the kind of execution your organization needs – where learning goes beyond the walls of the training room and into your everyday business. You will leave with a different perspective on high performance and a map to achieving higher-level results. 

  • Understand the True CollaborationSM framework for creating a highly effective collaborative culture.

  • Increase personal self-awareness and recognize “who you become” when you work with others.

  • Learn clear action steps for eliminating collaborative insanity and developing a high-performing organization – including a new perspective of what “high-performing” means.

Group size:                          Any size

Timeframe:                          60 to 90 minutes

Goes well with:                   Musical Performances
                                              Collaborative Harmony DiagnosticSM
                                              Facilitated Group Exercises

Rock 'N' Roll With It: Overcoming the Challenge of Change

Behavioral research shows that humans are hardwired to resist change. So how do you lead change that amplifies acceptance? Managing Partner Brant Menswar, author of Rock ’N Roll With It: Overcoming the Challenge of Change, shares a powerful keynote message about how we internalize our reaction and resistance to intentional and unintentional change.

With a unique background as a successful start-up founder, lead vocalist, brand development guru, and author, Brant’s talks are high-energy and unbelievably moving – creating a progressive shift in the way your organization initiates, responds to and adopts change. Brant connects with audiences about the challenge of change through his leadership experience in the business world, his professional experience in the world of Rock ’N’ Roll, and through his personal experience as a father faced with a sudden life-threatening diagnosis of his oldest son.

What's Possible?

Group size:                          Any size

Timeframe:                          45 minutes to 90 minutes

Goes well with:                    Musical Performances
                                               Collaborative Harmony DiagnosticSM

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