Leadership Offsites

Think about the most relevant leadership development and training you’ve ever experienced. Now pair that with the connection you feel from an astoundingly effective team building session. And imagine all that served up in a music-infused experience with a side of rock and roll you’ve never seen before. That’s our Leadership Offsites. Creating a transformative impact that makes raving fans of even your most skeptical leaders – and you know who they are.

Here's What Our Leadership Offsites Look Like
  • Attendees begin the day immersed in a concert-style experience. Through large group facilitation, everyone learns the True CollaborationSM framework for enabling execution, and discovers their Collaborative Behavioral Style (based on famous recording artists!). Music makes it memorable, for high engagement and fast adoption of the process and behaviors.

  • Then it’s breakout time. In small group sessions (15-25), rock star facilitators use music-infused skill-building exercises to teach leaders the tactical “how” behind amplifying voice, maximizing contribution and sustaining commitment. These skills are put into practice in the ultimate alignment exercise as they write their own original songs while also learning how to create an effective and compelling narrative (story). This may be the singular most perspective-changing collaborative experience on the planet – even for your most senior leaders and diehard skeptics.

  • With communication, connection and accomplishment soaring, everyone comes back together again. Each group, with the help of their musician-facilitators, performs the song they’ve written. And the crowd goes wild. We’re talking standing Os. Importantly, we then align around next steps for keeping the music (development) going post event in a way that is authentic, relevant and sustainable.

Now before you cross your arms in the universal sign for “you won’t catch me singing in front of my co-workers” – you might want to know that since our inception, we have had 100 percent participation, even from attendees who started out as diehard skeptics. Seriously, EVERYBODY wants to perform with their band members (a.k.a. their team). 

  • Learn the True CollaborationSM framework for creating an effective, collaborative high-performance team culture that enables execution.

  • Identify ways that each leader can increase accountability AND save time on the teams they lead.

  • Use the True CollaborationSM framework’s tools and tactics for hiring, managing and developing talent to sustain high-performance teams and organizational culture.

  • Learn to step into your best self and help others do the same – wherever you are.

Group size:                          15-300 people

Timeframe:                          One to three days, highly customizable
                                               to match your timeframe and agenda.

Goes well with:                   Keynote: Rock & Roll With It
                                              Musical Performances

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