Team Building

Our Team Building experience gets people energized, connected and communicating differently from the very first note, so you can maximize the results of the rest of the conference. And come Monday morning? This experience shows up as real behavioral change, with people talking about it and implementing it long after the event is over.

Here's What Team Building Looks Like

  • Attendees begin the day immersed in a concert-style experience. Through large group facilitation, everyone learns the True CollaborationSM framework and discovers their Collaborative Behavioral StyleSM (based on famous recording artists!). Music makes it memorable, for high engagement and fast adoption of the process and behaviors.

  • Then it’s breakout time. In small group sessions, rock star facilitators guide attendees as they write their own original songs, capturing the “truth in the room” – complete with music and lyrics. This may be the singular most effective collaborative experience on the planet.

  • With communication and connection soaring, everyone comes back together again. Each group, with the help of their musician-facilitators, performs the song they’ve written. And the crowd goes wild. We’re talking standing Os.

  • Post event, each song is arranged and recorded by our team of award-winning producers and assembled into an online album that your team will enjoy for years to come. (Check out this one we did with Netflix)
  • Understand the True CollaborationSM framework for creating a highly effective collaborative culture in a way that helps you build a workplace you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Identify Collaborative Behavioral Styles (based on famous recording artists) that drive understanding, effective collaboration, and connect people to each other and to the organization.

  • Understand how to create the conditions for effective communication and collaboration that transcend business. You’ll learn to be a better team, and also a better you – wherever you are.

What's Possible?

Group size:                          Up to 400 people
                                              (40 people or less per breakout group)

Timeframe:                          3-4 Hours

Goes well with:                    Musical Performances
                                               Experience Architect

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