Project Team Launch

Launching and leading a project team just may be the most trying management job on the planet. No wait – launching a cross-functional project team is even more insane.  You spend most of your time managing the drama and cutting through the crap. The good news is, we can solve this for you. There’s just one rule:  Don’t put your team together and THEN call us. Let us put the right team together with you, using everything you’ll learn about your people in this customized offering. 


You need the right people in the right room at the right time tightly aligned around how to solve specific challenges to move your business forward. You also need them to work together effectively and rapidly, to achieve your project goals. You’re tired of herding cats and playing referee. We get you.


Project Team Launches are a 1- to 2-day crash course in our True Collaboration℠ methodology so you can assemble your project team and quickly get them working together effectively. We behaviorally engineer team chemistry AND help you bypass the BS with a language and approach that’s as sticky as the hook of a hit song.

You know the four stages of team formation? Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing? We hack two stages right off the bat. Our methodology drastically reduces “Norming” and eliminates “Storming” altogether. Wouldn’t you rather go right from “Forming” to “Performing”?

  • We use our own proven formula and diagnostic to help you assemble the right rock stars based on the nature of the project itself.
  • We get everyone speaking an easy, fun and intuitive language to achieve rapid alignment and high performance for the team.
  • We optimize the team and align every aspect of the project through our proprietary framework and tools.
  • We define work streams and ensure we are maximizing individual contributions based on behavioral data.
  • We help the team define its operational rhythm and cadence to deliver on time (and often, ahead of schedule).


Everyone who is part of this project team comes out with a completely different understanding of how to get more done and feel great doing it.  And they’re going to share how to do it with everyone else in your band.

This is teaming like you’ve never experienced before, based on a proven, scientifically-designed methodology – but what you’ll remember is the vibe of the team, the ease of the collaborative process, and the undeniable results.


We can’t wait to talk transformation. Tell us a bit more about yourself and we’ll be in touch.