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Why would you rock with us
  • Need To Build a Sustainable Business Growth Culture
  • Need To Accelerate Individual & Team Productivity
  • Need To Amplify Customer Engagement & Loyalty
  • Need To Maximize Recruiting, Hiring And Retention Of Top Talent
  • Need To Create and Develop Leaders
  • Need To Increase Employee Engagement
  • Need To Leverage Diversity of Thought
  • Need To Successfully Launch Projects/Teams
  • Need To Integrate an Acquisition
  • Need To Assimilate New Leaders

So you baked your strategic plan

Good for you.  Now what?  Here’s the now what.  You’ve got to figure out how to solve the Rubik’s Cube that is getting your entire organization to execute.  You need strategy for how to get the right people doing the right work at the right time for the right reason.  You need a collaborative strategy.  

Collaborative Strategy - The New Sound (your new competitive advantage)

The only way a strategic plan comes to life is by people working together in an effective way.  So where’s the plan for how to get your people working together effectively to execute said brilliant plan?  Taking a wild guess here that you don’t have one.  Don’t feel bad.  Nobody else does either…yet.   The great news is that we are uniquely qualified to help you co-create the collaborative sound you are looking for because modestly, we coined the phrase Collaborative Strategy and built a methodology engine to make it work on a deep behavioral level.

This is How We Do It

First, we start with collaboration training using our proprietary True Collaboration℠ methodology.  Yes, you heard right.  We are going to help you transform your entire organization by starting with training and we are going to do it fast.   It is crucial to get your entire organization speaking the same language around people and process from the C-Suite to the front line.  We start with your most senior leadership.  (If that’s you and you think this is good for everyone else and not you, this is where you turn your ticket in and get your money back at the door).  

Once your rock stars quickly (ask our clients) adopt this intuitive common sense based way of thinking to work together, your entire organization will be set up to leverage your new collaborative mindset in ways that impact engagement, talent, retention, productivity and change.  You will also have the collaborative chops to create what we call The Collaborative Value Chain.  This is how you keep your customers happy and grow your business.  

Collaborative Value Chain - The Business Model For The Ambidextrous Organization

The quickest way to turn a fan (customer) into a critic is when they experience the mind numbing frustration of one hand of your organization not knowing what the other hand is doing.   If it doesn’t feel good for your customers to work with you than you aren’t going to get the off the charts customer engagement you want.  Our True Collaboration framework will help create an efficient consistent customer experience in every area of your organization from procurement to sales and all parts in between.   The reality check is that to make it happen externally, you have to get there internally.

FOCUS Brands, Inc.

“We engaged Banding People Together to help us set the tone for the upcoming year after going through a reorganization.  They did an amazing job getting us all “playing from the same sheet of music” by helping us drive the right conversations around how to work together to leverage our brands to maximize growth opportunities.  The music element opened up our people in a profoundly unique way and the learning exceeded our expectations.  We will never look at collaboration the same way again.”

Bob Swan, CHRO, FOCUS Brands, Inc. (Cinnabon, Moe’s, Schlotzsky’s, Carvel)

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