Our Approach

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Our Approach Makes Us Unique

Our unique approach to curing collaborative dysfunction is based on three fundamental beliefs. These beliefs guide us in our product decisions, offerings, and delivery.

Teams are made up of individuals that, regardless of their qualifications, have unique histories (think PTSD), needs, approaches, and belief systems that impact how they engage, are perceived by, and collaborate with others.  Therefore, because every individual person is unique, every team’s collaborative dynamic is unique.

The key to improving team performance is data-driven, continuous measurement of specific behaviors that impact the degree to which your team effectively collaborates.

Clients are getting far too little value from the behavioral, personality, and cultural assessment and transformation offerings on the market today. The vast majority of these tools focus on personality alone and do nothing to understand how teams are impacted. And those that do fail to operationalize their programs such that team members will actually engage these programs and use them every day. 

Based on these beliefs, The True Collaboration® System delivers a cure for Collaborative Dysfunction built around these three chords:

Team focused awareness that is purposefully designed to deeply understand how the unique characteristics of individuals interact to impact overall team performance.

Improving behavioral harmony by quantifiably showing individuals and teams their specific areas of strength and blind spots so they can engage the behaviors most likely to unlock their collective genius the fastest.

On-going measurement complete with data driven insights that allow teams to stay on the path of continuous improvement in their collaborative performance.