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“We engaged Banding People Together to help us set the tone for the upcoming year after going through a reorganization.  They did an amazing job getting us all “playing from the same sheet of music” by helping us drive the right conversations around how to work together to leverage our brands to maximize growth opportunities. The music element opened up our people in a profoundly unique way and the learning exceeded our expectations. We will never look at collaboration the same way again.”
Bob Swan
CHRO, FOCUS Brands, Inc. (Cinnabon, Moe’s, Schlotzsky’s, Carvel)
“Using BPT’s collaboration assessment produced immediate benefits for our team. The ability of the instrument to evaluate collaboration on both an individual and team level is unparalleled. This experience was by far the most high impact session our team has ever had.”
Bob Eichenberg
Market Human Resources Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers
“I haven’t stopped talking about my experience that day in the Banding People Together Workshop. I’ve worked at NASA for 36 years, and I can truly say that I enjoyed that workshop more than any other!  And I’ve attended plenty!  More importantly, it made more of an impact on me than I could’ve imagined.  Since the workshop, I’ve taken a look at my work habits–the good and some maybe not as good; and I’m happy to say that I’ve embraced my Gaga and my Bruce (the good habits) and I’m making efforts to improve on the “maybe not as good” habits.”
Angela M. Davis
Administrative Management Specialist, NASA Langley Research Center
“Partnering with Banding was exactly what we needed to align around how to achieve our strategic goals in 2018. Their process brought our work streams to life in a way that was intuitive, actionable and effective. By day two, the energy in the room was like nothing we had ever experienced. The impact has lasted far beyond the session in a way that clearly exceeded any of our expectations. If you’re looking to align your team and give them the tools to succeed then Banding People Together should be your choice.”
Wayne R. Fullerton
SVP Sales Public Sector, PCM
“They took the time to understand our business culture, people, and process. They then crafted an engaging and collaborative environment for learning that left our team asking, when do we get to do another session with Banding? What we were able to accomplish as an organization in our time with them, blew us away! This group goes beyond any “training or team building” you think you have experienced. They not only teach, but inspire collaboration, and organizational excellence. Banding People Together = Game Changers . We will continue to find opportunities to develop our team and brand in partnership with Banding.”
Sherry Dreger
Vice President of Marketing
“Banding People Together brought an amazing level of energy and connection to our team members.  The ability to understand our business, relate to our team, and then conduct an engaging session that enabled everyone to participate and have fun was exactly what we had hoped for.  People are still talking about it and the teamwork that manifested as a result of the session will be long lasting. Thank you for helping band us together!”
Angie Williams
Senior Communications Manager, Microsoft Americas/US Enterprise Services
“Who would of thought team members in the reinsurance business would find their inner rock star? I personally recommend Banding People Together as a highly engaging and educational event.  If you have a diverse set of individuals from different organizational and cultural backgrounds, this program will help break down barriers and bring about collaboration. Your team members will leave the room singing a different tune . . . one that respects differences and unity.”
Ann Marie Sidman
Vice President, Organizational Development, Gen Re – A Berkshire Hathaway Company
“Alan Schaefer and the Banding team were amazing. For our national convention, I was searching for a way to promote collaboration between Huddle House Corporate and our franchise partners. Banding together hit a home run for us! The unique combination of music and team building brought both sides together through a fun, creative and interactive series of presentations.”
Michael Abt
Chief Executive Officer, Huddle House, Inc.
“The field of medicine and healthcare have hundreds of years of institutionalized norms that make undertaking culture change in a large healthcare system a daunting challenge. Our organization has implemented many top notch programs such as Just Culture, TeamSTEPPS, and Crucial Conversations but none have had such an immediate positive impact as the Banding People Together experience. Attendees raved about the program and months after our session, both staff and doctors are still talking about and using the collaborative process concepts and methods. This program has given our organization a new framework through which to talk about collaborative patient care.” 
Erin Flanigan
Vice President /Chief Human Resources Officer, Wentworth-Douglass Health System

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