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Packaged for a full range of needs, from fun and purposeful team building through full enterprise transformation, The True Collaboration® System includes the following core components:

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Touchless, Interactive Delivery Built For A Stay At Home Workplace

We live in trying times that are forcing all of us to rethink how we work together. How we collaborate is also changing. As a result, the True Collaboration® system is purpose built to be 100% deliverable through live instructor led, highly entertaining, and fun online seminars and workshops along with easy to access digital dashboards, tools, and content.

Common Collaborative Language

Using musical metaphors that stimulate the areas of the brain associated with emotions and memory, The True Collaboration® system is built around a highly engaging common language that defines four main collaborative voices, four collaborative sentiments, and 12 specific behaviors that define every team’s unique collaborative performance.

A Scoring Model That Makes Every Aspect Of The True Collaboration® System Highly Measurable

The True Collaboration® moves beyond ambiguous notions of personality and temperament and is grounded in a highly analytical and data driven scoring system that enables you to measure your team’s collaborative performance every step of the way across 12 collaborative dimensions.

Continuous Remeasurement

The True Collaboration® system is specifically designed to provide ongoing measurement of the progress your team makes in improving their collaborative performance.  Our approach to remeasurement includes ongoing self and 360 degree assessments to help you close the gap between individual perception and team reality and is purpose built to integrate into your everyday management of existing teams, modeling to predict future team performance, pre-employment screening, and ongoing performance reviews.

Digital Tool Kits Built For Everyday Use

Built for everyday use, The True Collaboration® digital tool kit provides easy access to the collaborative profile of individuals and the team as a whole, specific actionable insights on how to improve your team’s collaborative performance, and tools that let you predict the collaborative dynamic you will see in any meeting and the likely collaborative performance you will see from any team you might assemble in the future.

Custom Consulting

For that those that need help plotting an actionable strategy to improve their team’s collaborative performance, our collaboration experts will work with you to help individuals and teams define specific areas of focus to help improve their collaborative performance the fastest.

These components are offered in a variety of configurations that are priced to allow your organization to start slowly, with a limited number of teams engaging the most basic aspects of the program and progressing to a full enterprise deployment.