Take the Guesswork out of Greatness

People are complex — no shock there — yet, too many practices around measuring and maximizing talent are rooted in a “Rockstar” mentality. When individual performance is what we look for, we find some incredible solo acts, and just hope they’ll play well with their new bandmates. Instead of being in the groove, this keeps teams in an uncertain cycle that rarely inspires or empowers results.

A data-informed approach to unleashing your team's talent can improve every touchpoint in the talent lifecycle. Explore the touchpoints below to learn how our data and tools integrate and amplify the critical touchpoints in the talent journey.

Unleashing Talent - Lifecycle

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  • Quantify & define "greatness" in a role before recruiting
  • Significantly reduce wasted time in screening process


  • Improve fit for role and impact on team dynamics
  • Minimize the impact of bias
  • Reduce risk of uncertainty and surprises


  • Accelerate ramp up from hire to impact and valuable contribution
  • Proactively ensure better dynamics between a new leader and their team
  • Reduce risk of storming and uncertainty with new manager/team member

Training and Development

  • Integration of data insights into existing training & development initiatives
  • Mechanism for measurement of key skills and competencies
  • Individual, data-driven development plans with solution sets and remeasurement capability on any timeframe

Performance Management

  • Reduced bias in assessment of talent at any level
  • Specific insights that enable leaders to coach with precision
  • Team-focused data to help leaders drive prioritized, quantifiable focuses for improved team performance

Career Pathing

  • Model "greatness" for any position by identifying key traits for development
  • Minimize the impact of bias and save time in the "top talent" identification process
  • Individual, data-driven development plans for candidates to expand their level of impact

What to Expect from Unleashing Talent

What It Does

  • Reduces Bias in Selection and Advancement
  • Accelerates New Leader Onboarding & Integration
  • Provides Data-Driven Definitions of "Greatness"
  • Improves Focus and Effectiveness of Coaching and Development

What It Takes

Timeline: 30 days or less

Unleashing Talent

"While I’ve been told that feedback is a gift, it’s not something that you always look forward to receiving. However, my experience in this program has been the exception! I find the way information is presented clear, relevant, and — perhaps most importantly — relatable and usable."

- Session Participant
March 2022

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