Our Approach

We help people step into their best selves when working with others.

And THIS is how we do it.


“We recently worked with Banding for our leadership offsite.  Their unique teaching style synthesized music with building self-awareness and helped expand our thinking on how to lead teams and collaborate more effectively. Their approach really resonated with our Netflix core values and culture and sparked new approaches to how we build strong partnerships inside and outside of our team. Everyone said it was the best offsite we have had in a long time and were excited to share what they’ve learned with their own teams.”

Tracy Wright, Director Global Content Operations, Netflix

Why collaboration fails so miserably in organizations?
  • We’ve never been taught how to effectively collaborate
  • There is no universally accepted rules-of-the-road or common language 
  • Collaboration is subjective – what’s “collaborative” to you and what’s “collaborative” to someone else can be completely different
Effective Collaboration Redefined

True Collaboration is a human operating system that combines behavioral science with the power of music to create
high performance teams and organizations.  


  • True collaboration℠ is achieved at the intersection of voice, contribution, and commitment.
  • When people have a voice, they are empowered to make meaningful contributions.
  • When they understand how their  contributions fit into the bigger picture and see the impact of those contributions, they become more committed.
  • When they are more committed, they are more engaged.

This formula is the foundation of our hearts and minds approach.  It starts out in a fairly linear way, but it becomes iterative and reinforcing.  This is a dynamic, living process; you can’t just check-the-box on any of the ingredients and assume that it requires no additional attention.

All of our diagnostics, training, workshops, keynotes and coaching teaches the behavioral, tactical and strategic how that will enable you and your organization to achieve high performance.

Now that I understand True Collaboration℠ – So what?

Now that you have a new understanding of what True Collaboration is let us connect some dots for you as to why you should actually care about the powerful benefits of True Collaboration.


  1. Your engagement problem goes away because you’ve filled a very basic human need to be heard, contribute and be part of something bigger than yourself.  Without that your people will never believe in your mission.  Don’t believe us?  Take Maslow’s word for it.  This is science.
  2. Your retention problem disappears.  After all, who leaves a place they love?
  3. Your attracting top talent problem vanishes.  Your workforce will become your recruiters as they evangelize your organization to the rest of the world. Who doesn’t want to work at a place that others love?
  4. You dramatically increase productivity, efficiency and innovation in a measurable way.
  5. You transform the culture of your organization using training (yes really!) instead of some initiative based on some executive’s new favorite book.
  6. Your organization becomes agile and equipped to deal with change in a way that doesn’t result in water cooler paranoia and senseless “change” initiatives with pricy consultants.
  7. You gain market share and increase your top line and bottom line (drop the mic)
  8. You become a rock star “change agent” in your organization.
  9. Going to work becomes a “get to” instead of a “have to” for you and your co-workers.
  10.  Life as you and your co-workers know it forever changes in way that most people just don’t believe is possible.  Your kids and spouse will thank you.

Why Music Works

“Music is the universal language of mankind”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Neuroscientists have demonstrated that listening to and playing music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. It connects both sides of the brain. Music impacts the prefrontal cortex responsible for controlling behavior, expression and decision-making and the amygdala, which is involved in our emotional responses. It also engages the hippocampus involved in music memories, experiences and context.

Our music-infused, experiential learning is like a great song stuck in your head! Music literally makes our message more memorable. It’s a universal language that transcends business and unites people from all walks of life. We use it to get people to open up and foster trusted relationships. We move energy and sustain engagement through music. Ultimately, the power of music captures hearts and minds and speeds up the adoption of our True Collaboration℠ process and behaviors.

Why Songwriting?

It sure would be easy to discount the value of the songwriting exercises in our workshops.  Let us tell you why you shouldn’t do that so quickly.

  1. It is a way to viscerally connect to the rational and non-rational thinking required to accomplish True Collaboration while putting the tools, tactics and behavioral awareness into real practice so that it is immediately internalized.  Think about it, 15-30 people writing a song together. Are you kidding?  This is alignment on steroids and will make every meeting your people ever attend seem like a cakewalk. 
  2. The songs that get written capture the heart and souls of your people and organization and once they are recorded become tangible assets that can be used for internal and external branding.  You couldn’t get the biggest agency in the world to come up with something this cool.  
Here are a few examples for your listening pleasure.

Thinking this is too good to be true?

Can you or your organization really afford not to find out for yourself?

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