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What True Collaboration
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This is what

True Collaboration®

Looks Like

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Collaborative Dysfunction Prevents True Collaboration®

How many times do you attend a meeting with the only real output being to plan another meeting? Or how many times do you lay out a plan with your team only to find out two weeks later that three different people heard three different things? Or how often do you have two or more highly qualified team members who just can’t seem to get anything done together? Every time you experience any of these, you are experiencing some of the most basic symptoms of Collaborative Dysfunction that prevent True Collaboration® and inhibit your team from reaching their full potential.

The True Collaboration® System Cures Collaborative Dysfunction

Endless MeetingCyclesMissed DeadlinesIncorrectDeliverablesDisgruntledEmployeesInfighting &ConflictLess ThanFully InformedDecisionsMisalignedGoalsUnder ProducingCustomer/PartnersSub-parBusinessOutcomesCOSTSSYMPTOMSOpportunity Cost& Lost RevenueSymptoms and CostAssociated WithCollaborative DysfunctionUnnecessary Expense

We cure Collaborative Dysfunction

Through the use of our proprietary True Collaboration® System, we identify and help rectify the root causes of Collaborative Dysfunction inhibiting your team from reaching their full potential. It is that simple. And best of all, the True Collaboration® System enables this transformation by using a proprietary scoring system that allows you to continuously measure and improve your team’s collaborative performance.

Data Makes It Measurable.

Music Makes It Memorable.

Music uniquely transcends socioeconomic, ethnic, gender, and generational boundaries by stimulating the areas of the brain that deeply connect memory with emotions. Combining the emotional power of music with highly measurable behavioral data, the True Collaboration® System enables positive collaborative behavioral change via a language, teachings, and tools that is easily adoptable, fun, memorable, and highly actionable.