Engineering Harmony - the Data-Driven Difference

Where we work, how we work, and why we work has undergone a seismic shift in the past two years. Have the ways we build and engage with our teams been able to keep up? The Great Resignation strongly suggests the answer to that question is a resounding "no."

We've discovered a key difference between today's teams that achieve chart-topping results again and again, and teams that wind up trashing each other Behind the Music-style on Glassdoor. Find out what it is is in the video below.

What to Expect from Engineering Harmony

What It Does

  • Accelerate Team Connection
  • Strengthen Communication
  • Reduce Interpersonal Conflict
  • Increase Meeting Productivity
  • Amplify Overall Engagement

What It Takes

Timeline: 30-60 days

Time Investment: 2-4 hours

Engineering Harmony

"The data insights helped accelerate our team's transparency and trust in a profound way. We're getting the best out of each other and have the results to show for it. What would normally take years to achieve, the Banding team orchestrated in months."

- Marc Strickland
Director of Talent Development, National Vision, Inc.

How Many Trust Falls Does It Take to Build a Better Team? Zero.

Trust isn’t built in the woods with your eyes closed, falling back and hoping the new hire in accounting will catch you when you fall — does that connect to the real world of your work, or address the true nature of the problems your people deal with? Trust within teams is built with context and time, through communication, follow-through, understanding, and awareness — not overnight.

By the same token, personality and aptitude tests may help clarify an individual’s potential by giving a different understanding of their unique strengths and challenges, but that’s their limit. Instead of empowering people to work better together, at best these solutions make it easier for people to think about their options and consider where else their strengths can be valuable, ideally somewhere with a team they’d feel more comfortable working with every day — right?

We're Different - Here's How

You don’t have to be a professional musician to understand that talent is a tiny part of the equation when it comes to long-term success, growth, or the overall feeling among people — after earning former bandmates you realize the problem isn’t performance, it’s perspective. When a group of people understands the difference between how they experience themselves, each other, and the world of working together, and has a language to navigate their differences, they don’t just reduce conflict or misunderstanding, they bring harmony to working relationships.

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